At NituLogistics, we provide effective freight transport and logistic solutions to get your cargo moving around the world easily, quickly and with the less inconvenience than ever. 

Inland Transportation

Your shipment infrequently starts or ends at a port. With our services, the freight runs smoothly and nimbly until it reaches the final destination. Our door-to-door duty keeps time and reliability at the basic pillars of our philosophy.


Less Than Truck Load, Partial Truck Load, Full Truck Load

We offer a great variety of services depending on your freight. Getting your commodities across land is as crucial as shipping them across the oceans. Exemplary inland transport is the key for a business to succeed. 


Types of Transports

General Freight ✔️

We offer local, national and international transportation. Each service is customised to the needs and wants of the client. 

Grain Bulk Transport ✔️

Transportation of bulk commodities may be managed by NituLogistics with the best conditions, using specialised vehicles.

Refrigerated Transport ✔️

Refrigerated or chilled perishable goods can be worldwide transported by us using temperature controlled trucks.